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In a perspective of continuous updating, growth and evolution, Artwood spreads its sales to foreign markets, while confirming the European ones, where Artwood is already well-established and has already broken into them with great success, thanks to a know-how of high skill and competence developed along its 40 years of expertise.
Beside the only market of doors and accessories, Artwood expands its business with the merchandise of further furniture components and enlarging its borders beyond Europe. Thus, Artwood can offer a wider range of products: more differentiated and heterogeneous to meet the most different needs of the market.

The production of timber doors and furniture components is the company core business. It is a market segment the founders have always believed in ever since and which turned to be the right answer to an ever changing world. The passion for wood allowed Artwood to specialize itself and to refine the creation of special doors making them more elaborated, finer and able to meet the needs of a demanding and versatile world.
Besides, Artwood spreads its markets beyond the Alps: from Austria to the United Kingdom, passing through Germany and France, without leaving apart Spain and Switzerland, Artwood can boast a wide range of significant clients who put their trust in the Italian company every day to get outstanding wooden products with high added value.


During the past few years, Artwood decided to set a new business line, going into meaningful partnerships both with Italian and foreign companies, in order to break into the world of Contract following a widespread and profitable philosophy. Joining its own know-how of manufacture and production of wooden elements, Artwood set up the bases for a large cooperation spread to several markets – from the Middle up to the Far East – oriented to the merchandising of furniture components and accessories. The right mix among high level suppliers and Artwood own expertise developed along the years allowed the company to establish long-term partnerships with the greatest partners, builders and dealers of the emergent markets.
The proficiency to deliver punctually within defined deadlines, the care of the
after-sale service, the customisation of tailor-made poducts with top quality standards and the brilliance to invent and create unique and functional products allow Artwood to win important challenges on the international panorama. The ever-increasing Contract market is one of the most trustworthy modern business key, hence Artwood does not want to renounce it, investing its energies in innovation, research and development. Quality and keen prices make Artwood competitive also among the new markets, so far still unexplored