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Artwood was established in 1971, leader producer of timber doors and furniture components. Artwood makes use of wooden species coming from the national territory, but is contemporarily facing the European panorama, importing high level products with top quality standards.
The production of doors and furniture components follows own projects of the company, as well as customised products as per clients’ requests. This enables Artwood to boast a wide range of product choice and production capacity.
The production department and the warehouse occupy a covered area of more than 20.000 sqm, divided into different sectors.
Totally, the whole company has got a personnel of almost 100 employees.
The continuous development of the production cycles implemented with automated machineries and advanced technical procedures allowed an ever-increasing growth of the company and an endless improvement of the production processes. The high quality levels of finished products, the accurate details and the constant assistance to clients allowed Artwood to enforce its prestigious presence both on domestic and international markets. This guarantees precision and punctuality of our deliveries and dispatches.

High level experts and professionals devote themselves to operate on several different fronts: they guarantee suitability and quality of the finished product, in accordance with the internal procedures and the clients’ needs, starting from the management and control of finished products up to the supervision of requested samples, from the design of new products to the feasibility of each component.
The technical department carries out research and development activities on new applications of the product itself and it is involved in the project, design and creation of products ex novo. The continuous update of its own offer allows Artwood to make use of advanced finished products, in order to meet at best the technical needs and requests of an ever-increasing, always more demanding and heterogeneous high end market. The new business broadened to the marketing of furniture components and their relative accessories makes Artwood an endless source of new ideas to create ever-growing possibilities of application for the wooden product. Supported by the graphic aid of important sector studies, Artwood is able to convey the Italian design not only in the aesthetics of its products, but also through the images and contents they are commercialized with. It is a technical department duty to manage and supervise these sales tools, beyond their transfer to the clients in a proper and customised way.
Assistance to the fitting of new sales locations, supervision and management of new proposals -thanks to the help of agents- make the technical office play a meaningful role within the company organisation.
80% of the company personnel is part of the production department, carrying out all the activities concerning the transformation of raw materials into the final finished product. All the operations take place in compliance with internal procedures guaranteeing the best quality. Tight and rigorous controls warrant the pass of strict surveys and inspections, in order to reach and obtain fine and excellent results. The quality certifications – proudly obtained by Artwood every year – are the guarantee of top level products and high quality standards.
Artwood further implemented the production department along the years, increasing the level of its machineries through automated procedures, evermore advanced and with top technical precision.
The production cycle is composed by different departments, continuously kept updated to reach excellent production levels.
The production department follows a constant technical and automated evolution and it is thus devoted to the creation of new products ever more innovative and modern.